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Keeping Up With Maury
Local Restaurants to Try
by Maury Feren

A visit to any one of Zack Bruell's five restaurants has to be one of the benefits of eating Michelin quality food produced by a Master Chef. It would be hard for me to choose one over another.

L'albatros could be one of my favorites located in the University Circle area. It has it all, a wonderful central location, easy access to Severance Hall, the Museums, the Institute of Music, and so much more. I've had raves and thanks from the many friends I've entertained there. The garden patio matches the best. I could go on and on.

Cowell and Hubbard located at the corner of 13th and Euclid could easily give L'albatros a run for its money. It is so different and offers almost an entire change of pace. But who is comparing one to the others? They serve different clientele and for different reasons. Local professional people have made it a booming lunch spot. It has been attracting crowds at lunch time since it opened. I've been there for dinner a couple of times and I always come away happy with my selection of food, wine, and the special desserts.

Last week I spent an early evening with 3 of my friends. From the wine list we chose Eroica Riesling, a Ste. Michelle white wine. The dinner was one I would consider top notch. My friends' choices ranged from an arugula salad to Northern cod to pizza, and to an outstanding salmon dish. Zack not only makes it look good, he makes it taste even better. You'll want to eat even if you are not hungry. Kudos to the Chef and to the great servers.

By the time we had finished our dinner the place was packed. People have discovered that any food Zack puts out has gotta be something! Another interesting thing is that all of his restaurants are in the higher price range, but you never feel cheated because they are priced so well for what you get. Keep it up, Zack, and you'll be sure to stay on top!

Another little restaurant that caught my attention is Barle Soup and Sandwich owned by Jim Barle and recommended by Cliff Wolf who invited me there for lunch. It's located at the side of the well known Rockefeller Building at 2483 Lee Boulevard. This is a sort of pick your meal from the counter and someone will bring it to you.

The place is well lit, spacious, and clean. It offers a pleasant modern ambience and good service. The food is moderately priced, good sized portions, good coffee, and fruit infused water (that is different). It lends itself well to the neighborhood. Lunch time brings out many of the professionals who work in the area. It's a young clientele who seem to like the style and the atmosphere.

The Garden in back of the restaurant is luscious. Beautiful flowers and just a lovely setting. Don't miss sitting out there when it stops raining.

The soups change every day and are worth coming for. Try Caesar for taste, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap or the Club. You'll know why people are returning more frequently

On my 2nd visit, I doubled up on the Mediterranean Wrap. My guest designed his own sandwich happily. Keith Messerman is in charge of the catering. Looks like this one is a go.

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