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Keeping Up With Maury
Maury's Witches Experience
by Maury Feren

Do you believe in witches? I don't mean witch craft I mean people who are truly witches and follow in that path.

There are probably many ways to define what witches do and what make them witches. The witches I learned about looked and acted like normal people. What separated them were the psychic events that they talked about which were far from what I would consider normal.

Why would I choose to write about witches? What gives me that authority? So let me began my story so that you know why I chose to do so.

A long time ago when I was Mohawking a name I call hustling which I have written about in my book "Wheeling and Dealing in My World". This book is available at Beachwood library and a couple of other libraries in the Cuyahoga county system. It's a book a recommend because of its flow of contagiousness.

One of my vignettes tells the story of how I first met gypsy. Gypsy are not witches as I know them. I was 18 years old and I was tempted to find out about my future when I walked into one of those gypsy parlors hoping to learn what life had in store from me. Of course, it would prove to be a fake but I didn't know that back then.

The upshot of that experience that I learned the hard way having to pay the price. After the gypsy first told me my fortune after which I paid 50 cent she then asked me to take all the money out I had on me so she could put her signature blessing on it. I wasn't that smart at that time but I was smart enough to know if I did that whatever money I had to put out on the table would disappear. I refused to let her bless my money and I walked out just paying her for the visit.

I never went back to another seance for a gyps blessing. The gypsy are not witches whatever they might say about their powers.

Back to my own experience. I was fortunate to meet a fellow freelance writer who was called Ben. Ben had written a story about my life as an entrepreneur and author in the Plain Dealer many years ago. His lovely companion who was called Caroline was recognized as a full blooded witch. How do you get to do that let me explain.

I attended a birthday party for Ben in the Metro Park system in Rocky River. What a beautiful area that is. Most of the female attendees were witches. That left me out of the picture because I had nothing to say on that score.

I notice a particular group of women who stood together closely and who were truly witches. I found out that all of their discussions were relevant to their conversation as people who had certain psychic powers. There were varied experiences in that category and the stories they told did not seem out of the ordinary for any of them. I found them really strange but I listened intently trying to figure out how this all happened. It was a weird experience.

Well they were talking they were expressing interest going as a group to city that is home for the witches in Ohio called Bethel. There you will find a compound of witches from all over some who has settled there. It is truly the home of the witches.

Knowing me I said to Ben "I would love to visit there and see what it is really like." Geographically I think it was about 80 miles from Cleveland but I am not sure of the direction. I said "I would love to go up there for a day and come back or over night". He answered " that he and Caroline needed to spend at least 3 days in Bethel for their psychic needs." So I had to pass. I never got there.

A year or so ago Ben and Caroline wrote a book about witches and I went to their book signing at Mac's Book store on Coventry in Cleveland Heights. Low and behold there were at least 50 people or more some of who told their own psychic stories. Ben and Caroline elaborated on their own experiences in their book. I could not believe that Ben had become a witch as well learning from his companion Caroline.

Later on I discovered that there were many other vehicles for witches that they could write for. Contrary to my negativity the audience was in transit

. So here I was a neophyte in my own experience learning about these extraordinary stories that were way out of my own life story. I did become a believer, I do believe there are witches. I became so in transient I even invited a lovely lady who was a witch to go out on a date with me to see My Town at the Public theater in Tremont.

She was also a minster and just as normal as you and I except she had these psychic powers that she never tried on me.

So what do you think of that?. Maury and a witch getting it together.

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