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Keeping Up With Maury
by Maury Feren

I can't stand by and watch and hear about all the violence that is taking place in our society nationwide. But that is not the worst of it.

Cleveland has become known as the Wild West. Reports have gone out classifying our city as bad as any in the country. Santiago, LA, NY, and anywhere with a terrible reputation. You should know it all begins with guns.

Yes I know that the people who love guns will continue to say we need guns to protect ourselves particularly at this time when violence is flourishing. This is a separate subject so I am going to began by talking only about violence in our youngest group Millennial.

It is so hard to understand why beautiful women and even not so beautiful are willing to accept abuses such as beatings and verbal attacks as an acceptable tool for a man to be in control. How can that happen? What is the reasoning behind it? Is there any way that we can make an indentation and put some type of end to it. Aren't we the public aware of the change in our society?

Let me give you an important example. Today these millennial woman beginning with the youngest has allowed this to happen and are a party to sexual abuse and often times physical beatings. How do I know this?

I was talking to one of my friends a peer who told me of her own experience as a grandmother. She said "I was talking to my granddaughter about this at first and she never replied. However, the next time I saw her she was badly bruised facially. She had tried to hide it with powder to cover up but it was too obvious. It didn't work." The bruises were big and certainly represented a sad picture in today's society. Remember I am talking about a young person in their 20's.

Don't think that I'm exaggerating. Grandparents wake up. "Tell your grandchildren this is not acceptable in a relationship. It is not normal. It can only lead to further problems." Your job as a grandparent is to education you granddaughter about life. You can not allow this to go on. If you dont advise them and teach them what is right you are failing in your job as a grandparent. Where are the parent? Our society have turned things around were the children are in charge not the parents.

Today's children are taking charge and they tell the parents what they want to do. The parents don't seem to want to be bothered. They have let this happen right under their eyes. Here's the reality. Oh I know no one wants to face it. Men are scarce for the millennial woman. The eligible males have a good time. The pickings are good. Woman are willing to make all kinds of concessions to hold on to their man. They will give you all kinds of answers beginning with the competition they face.

It begins with an open sexual society followed by physical abuses in some cases. It is too easy for the men. Yesterdays woman knew how to hold their mate without giving into his every whim. Yes couples that are engaged with plans of marry have to choose what course to take. Physical violence at that early age is differently not acceptable nor at anytime. The woman always sets the pace. She is the one that must lead the way.

Every woman worth her salt should realize a man doesn't want to be chased. If he is chased he will lose interest. The intelligent woman must not make it too easy for him if he faces that kind of situation he will not be interested for long. The chase is what keeps him captivated. I know you may disagree with some or all of these premises. However, you have to give me some credit for two reasons.

First of all, I am a man who has lived through it. Never mind my age. I have experience everything I have talked about besides I have a daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren who are female.

This is not all fantasy, words coming out of my mouth. The world doesn't change. Simone De Beauvoir the first feminist and probably the first pioneer in this field. The leader of this movement in the beginning of the 20th century in France was in love with one of the greatest philosophers of our time. His name is Jean Paul Sartre who authored the world famous book "J' Accuse".

This book enabled the French government to free Alfred Dreifus who had been accused unfairly of treason and imprisoned on Devils Island. Simone De Beauvoir feminist, poet, author, and spokesperson for woman around the world. She is still an icon today. However, she was willing to play a subordinate role in this relationship for those same reasons that I have spoken about even physical abuse. Woman today only fool themselves by falling into that trap.

Grandparents this is your job. Talk to your granddaughters and see what is going on. This is not one story but many. Some years ago it began with teenaged girls offering all sex at high school age and below. This was highly publicized but the publicity have worn off. It still exact and is prevalent in some relationships.

Somehow the belief got around that it was okay. What about Aids and HIV. If you look at it realistic it is the woman who is servicing the man. That is not feminism or realistic.

Why am I troubled by all of this. I am in my 100th year to come who have come to recognize that what we have done in our society is not acceptable behavior. The millennial have taken over. It is up to our older generation to offer a new path that will lead to a better life that each one of us deserve.

Don't let us fail in our task. It is too important.

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