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Keeping Up With Maury
Sequel to My Hospital Experience
by Maury Feren

It has been almost 8 weeks in terms of my recovery. Of course, it is not a full recovery from my fall and my hospital stay.

The point is I am going to try and make that sometimes the downer is so hard it seems like it takes months to get back. Everything is slow any gains that I have made has not opened up for me how hard and how good or bad it has been.

All I know is that every day is long. There is a routine of course but when things move inch by inch you don't have much to look forward to. Everyday is pretty much the same. Food is a big problem. What shall I make for lunch or dinner? Nothing has taste. Its just so hard to get it down.

Now that I have gained some strength I walk for 5 to 10 mins a day in the long halls we have in my condominium. There are 50 units in this terrific apartment building. Rarely do you see anyone in the hall, in the garage, or meet them on the elevator its almost strange. You feel all along and if you meet somebody its like you have came across a caravan in the dessert.

Since I have been a prolific reader I have been estranged from my books, my newspapers, and magazines for almost this entire period. I have had no interest in reading anything at all. Sure, life was boring the lack of reading helped to do that for me. I just returned to the library just last week. I have taken out books, read some, returned some without reading some. I have tried real hard to get back into them. One of the best books that I have read is Glyn John's Life as a producer plus following his musical career with the Beatles plus some of the famous British groups.

He lived a very colorful life thrived in it. However, after I read the first 150 pages it was on and on about the same experiences with different people I lost interest and put it aside. I did read a good story about an American Indian that became a Bombardier. In an air-force unit in the WWII that was a good book not terrific but it kept my interest all throughout the book. Perhaps you will be interested in reading it I high recommend it. The name and the author is Prudence by David Treuer.

I just fell into an exceptional book "Even this I Experience" by Norman Lear. You may remember him from the Archie Bunker "All in the Family" TV show he was the producer.

There was an expectational issue in the New Yorker magazine for March 2 and March 9. Some excellent articles one in particular "The comma "by 30 year editor of the magazine. Another story on a new slant on Joan Rivers. The fiction selection was one of the best I have read it was by a Japanese author translated into English.

This brings me back to where I start 8 weeks ago. I am hammering away at getting better. I finally got to go to therapy. Here is the thing. Therapy at this level must be preformed in small steps. Oh I would love to do some real stuff, no it has to be this way slow and easy. Just simple little exercises toes up and down. Heels up and down stretching your knees out with a rubber band. Use for this particular purpose. Head, toe lifts, stretching your legs out alternately, they all look and sound easy. If you have gone so far down none of these exercises will fit that pattern.

So here I am almost 8 week in repair moving along taking the next steps to recovery waiting for the earth to open up so I can for fill my dream of getting back to normal health.

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