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Keeping Up With Maury
Supermarket Fruits
by Maury Feren

I just walked in to one of my favorite supermarkets and was delighted to find some of the new shipments of Chilean produce that will change my desert diet. Just think of these goodies black berries, fresh cropped blue berries, and the most luxurious red raspberries we have seen since late summer.

These fruits are available at most of your favorite markets as well. So my market is not an exception but I have to add that the first Bing cherries have arrived on that same shipment. Boy do they taste good. However, there is one destructing factor I wonder want they put in these products to allow them to arrive in all those perfect conditions. They appear to be just picked, flavor wise they do just that.

Here it is produce that is grown in Chile 900,000 miles away. Even if they were shipped by plane which is what probably happened there would be a two day stretch before they get to the plane. The plane in New York city were the entire shipment would be redirected to every major market that cant afford to handle these luxurious products. Are share will be put on a truck for Cleveland, which may take one to two days according to linguistics. So we already have 5 days before you see it in your supermarket. Sometimes it may not sell out for a week. It could sell out in a day or two but the second shipment will take longer to sell out because the naval would wear off.

So what is the answer? I will never know neither will you. In the meantime we will be enjoying summer time fruits in December. Lets do that and don't think about it in any other way.

Now let me tell you about another one of my favorite the newly harvested Beaujolais wine. Why is this wine considers so special. In France there are all types of celebrations for the harvesting of the Beaujolais wine it is considered special because first and foremost it is the earliest of all the French wines to mature. Its harvested early and it pours out like fresh minted light wine. It has a grapey flavor. You don't look for anything else expect its pleasantly refreshing taste.

The first shipments that comes into this country brings nothing but joy. Americans who love wine throws Beaujolais parties to show their brethren in France they can party too. Over the years the Beaujolais wine has become integrated into the wines lover category.

I cant say that my family has it own Beaujolais party. My father made 150 gallons of wine every year of his family life. It wasn't an Italian red that they once called negatively Dago red. It was a rich fresh drinking wine that we enjoyed with our meals every night. No we were not connoisseurs which made it easy to enjoy. We just know it tasted good with our dinners.

When you look for it in the wine stores you will find it easy to identify the brand on it is boldly marked Beaujolais 2014 with a marginal gold band in two areas that make it stand out. The labeling is done so well that you cant mess it. You may not be a wine lover but there is something about the Beaujolais wine that makes you want to come back to it every year. The Beaujolais area is a branded, protected section so that no other area is allowed to use that name unless it comes from that section in France.

Looking at the other side of the coin what makes Don Perigon so special at a $150 a bottle? You have to be a wine lover to understand that. How about chateau La tour, Opus and Perier. Then there are the great Rothschild wines and Petrus and all the french champagnes beginning with Moet. Years ago all of the french wines and champagnes dominated the market place. Since those early days going back 50 years french wines still have their place. They are important in Europe and have a strong following in American. On the other hand American wines have moved into the for front and they play a dominate role in the wine industry.

The advent of great champagne and the sterlings Pinot Noir plus the Cabernets are the wines that American has come to recognize are great wines.

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