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Keeping Up With Maury
Fall is Leaving, Winter is Coming
by Maury Feren

Alas, Summer and Fall are leaving us. But what beauty has the Fall left behind.

Everywhere you turn you're beset. Just a few days ago the colors were mostly yellow. Contrasting in the lighter shades of green turning yellow. I was sure we would never get the magnificent reds and browns that made Fall so colorful and important.

You can drive down Shaker Blvd and you would find some magnificent sights on both sides of the street. There are patches of color that almost knock your eyes out. Then you hit a patch of solid green.

I selected Shaker Blvd just for starters. Next I suggest you head east on Mayfield Rd. Once you past S.O. M. and Mayfield you are in for a major treat. Right before you enter into Gate Mills you have a panorama of colors that may make your head swim it is so beautiful. Right before you head down that major hill the world looks entirely different.

Far in the distance you will see a multicolor grouping of reds, browns and yellows all reaching out to you. This may be the prettiest stop in greater Cleveland coming down that hill and the view you get right before you hit the Chagrin River Rd. Again, there are as many colors as there is in rainbow. Chagrin River Rd is a treat by its self going both ways.

Stay on the same highway all the way to the first gas station on the left. Make that turn and you are entering a fairly land of color. You ride up and down those little hills that make you think you are on a roller coaster. The trees and encompassing limbs reach out in both directions almost covering you with their brilliance. It would be hard to make a comparison of what was the prettiest spot.

This is early November and it would be hard to guess on how long it will take for these colors to disappear. One heavy rain storm with sleet might go all the way. I must write about it because there is so much hidden beauty.

If it is easier for you to drive south you can do almost as well heading out to Chagrin Falls. Traveling out to South Woodland beginning with the 200 number you will gradually edge your way to some beautiful forages all along the Chagrin Drive. Once you pass Eaton Square the fun begins - colors on both sides of the road. You can't miss the mix of reds, yellows, and browns that not only appear here and there but in a number of places. The Chagrin Falls drive is blessed with foliage of all kind. Lots of greens still out there but the colors of fall making there way on both sides of the streets.

As you ride up and down the hilly areas, you will take in the beauty that is around you. Colors abound right up to the top of the hill right before you hit the main street of the Falls.

Do you think that is all? Not by a long shot. Driving into the center of town and right after you see the candy popcorn shop along the side where there is a large city parking area you will be amazed.

If you are lucky enough to park along side view of the Falls you will have your treat for the day. After the rain you'll find the rushing waters. Otherwise, just sit on a bench and watch the twirling waters and continuing flow of the Falls as you contemplate why.

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