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Birthday 76
by Joanne Bailey Baxter

Seventy-six trombones
was the name of that old song-
It kept repeating in my head
the whole day long.

I counted up each minute,
each hour, day & week.
What had been the high spot
-the most delightful peak?

Was it with the wedding
-or birth of baby number one?
Or could it be a perfect meal
-& dishes neatly done?

Could it be 6 bamboo fishing poles
waving from the boat?
Or possibly the whole family
-each on an innertube float?

Could it be the uniforms
-marching band so slick?
Or a field full of football guys
-waiting for just "that" kick?

Could it be the college years
-when study was all they knew?
Or was it as they got that job
-knowing what they could do?

Could it be the Christmas eves
-those we knew long ago?
Or would it be the safe trip made
-our prayers in ice & snow?

Maybe it was the family reunions
-we swam & chattered and ate-
When relatives all gathered happily
-discussing others fate?

Life is like a delicious soup
- with many a combination-
Now, my "76" has arrived
-I'll face it with fair anticipation!

Joanne Bailey Baxter copyright-Aug. 10, 2006

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