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Internet Dating
By Eleanor Beaman

From Fifty Something Magazine

Fifty Something Magazine

After several nervous tries, I found the website I had been searching for. What would my kids think? For that matter, what would anyone who knew me think?

I brushed away my doubts and decided not to worry about the concerns of others and continued on. I heard so many horror stories about meeting the wrong kind of guy through the internet that my palms became sweaty and my heart raced.

Finally I scrolled down and saw "him" for the first time. He was gorgeous. Everything a girl could ask for; handsome, tall, beautiful eyes and a smile that would light up the world.

I giggled like a school girl as I read everything I could about him, counting the hours when we would finally meet in person.

Before I knew it, the day came and I made the long trip to meet him face to face. As I entered the building where we planned to meet, I was filled with just a bit of trepidation, but forged ahead. Then I saw him!

He was as handsome as his picture and seemed to be very happy to see me.

The fact that he was behind bars made no difference whatsoever to me. How bad could he be?

I think I loved him even before I stood before him and made up my mind to accept whatever weaknesses or faults he had. I think he felt the same way about me. I suppose you could call it love at first sight.

I arranged for his bail and also for a few medical procedures he would need before he could come home with me. Shots, medicine and, most importantly, "neutering"! Oh my goodness, did I forget to mention the new guy in my life was a very handsome, 70-pound, White Samoyed, in need of a good home and loving parents? Sure hope I didn't mislead you!

Who says "Internet Dating" can't result in a meaningful relationship?

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