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Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland
Prayer Hotline

As the Ursuline Sisters website tells us, "In the closing years of the 15th Century, a young Italian woman, Angela Merici, had a dream, a vision really, that came to her in prayer. That vision, enjoining her to form a company of religious women, set the course of her life.

Angela believed that women -- specifically in their roles within their families -- were critical to the transformation of society. Thus, the education of young girls and women developed as one of the company's primary works.

Today, more than 460 years later, the formation of strong, dynamic, well-educated women continues as one of the Ursulines' primary objectives.

Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland Continue
St. Angela's Vision Today

Like Angela Merici and her early followers, the Cleveland Ursulines seek to be instruments of change in the world. We are fully committed to our mission of "transforming society through contemplation, justice, and compassion."

With a membership of 206 Sisters, we serve in a variety of ministries as needs compel. Most of our Sisters serve in the Greater Cleveland area, however our Community has provided missionaries for the Cleveland Latin American Mission team in El Salvador every year since 1968. And Sisters have worked among the poor in Mexico, Texas, Kentucky, California and Montana.

Sisters continue to teach and provide leadership in institutions ranging from pre-school through post-secondary education. We also serve in healthcare, parish, social work, hospital and prison settings in addition to organizations dedicated to serving minorities, the economically poor and those which promote peace and justice."

The Ursuline Sisters have always been called on to pray for special intentions and their the Prayer Line is still available at (440) 449-1200, ext. 103.

But now, the Sisters have gone high-tech! You can now submit your prayer request via a form on their website.

Click on the Prayer Request tab on the page and fill out the online form.

Our thanks to the Ursuline Sisters for providing this special service for the community.

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