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Mickey Katz, Joel Grey and Jennifer Grey

As you probably know, Mickey Katz was a Jewish comedian/musician who first gained fame working with Spike Jones in the 1940's.

He soon developed his own style and did numerous English-Yiddish parodies featuring his amazing skills with the Klezmer style clarinet.

Mickey's son, Joel Grey, best known for his role in "Cabaret", worked with his father and made his stage debut at age nine in "On Borrowed Time" at the Cleveland Playhouse.

Joel Grey's daughter Jennifer Grey, is best known for her role in "Dirty Dancing."

But she learned well from her father and grandfather. In fact she does a great rendition of Mickey Katz' parody of the Davy Crockett Theme Song - "Duvid Crockett" accompanied by a klezmer clarinet on the Conan O'Brien show.

Here is a link to the video of the performance on YouTube.

The words appear to be:

Duvid, Duvid Crockett.
King of Delancey Street.

Born in the wilds of Delancey Street,
Home of gefilte fish and kosher meat.
Handy wid a knife, O herzach tzi [listen to me],
He flicked him a chicken when he was only three.

Duvid, Duvid Crockett,
He sat in de sun and gerocket and gebocket [rocked back and forth].
Duvid, Duvid Crockett,
De king of Delancey Street.

He went down south, alookin' for a meidle [girl].
He met himself a tsatskeleh [bimbo] called Daisy Freidle.
From near und far, dey went to de chup[pi] [odd pronunciation for wedding]
Dey elected him president of de B'nai Mississuppi

Duvid, Duvid Crockett,
King of Delancey Street.

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