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Sukkah for Sukkot
at the Hebrew Cultural Gardens

The Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland hosted the annual One World Day 2007 ceremony at the Hebrew Cultural Garden at 1160 Rockefeller Park.

According to Jim Evans, Sukkot is a minor holiday to commemorate the Biblical period of wandering in the desert, and is commemorated by building a temporary shelter (called a sukkah, usually rhymes with "book a") in the yard and eating meals in it. Some spend considerable time in the sukkah, even sleeping there.

Sukkot begins on the fifth day after Yom Kippur, in late September or October, and lasts for 7 days. From the perspective of the Bible and Jewish law, this holiday is every bit as important as Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but most American Jews don't see it that way.

About 10% of Jews do not work on the first two days of this holiday (one day for some branches), in accordance with Jewish law, and will not want to travel during this holiday, because they want to be able to have meals in the sukkah.

Jim says, "I have memories from temple school of spending time decorating the temple sukkah. Today, many orthodox homes have a sukkah in their backyard."

Jewish Sukkah at the Hebrew Cultural Gardens in Cleveland

Sukkah at the Hebrew Cultural Gardens in Cleveland during One World Day 2007

Jewish Sukkah at the Hebrew Cultural Gardens in Cleveland

Welcome to the Sukkah at the Hebrew Cultural Gardens

Rabbi explaining the Sukkah

Rabbi explaining the Sukkah traditions at One World Day 2007 at the Hebrew Cultural Gardens in Cleveland

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