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Wanted - Responses

The following are responses from our readers to some of the questions asked in the Wanted section of our Virtual Store.

Thanks for the Answers!

WHAT: My Sister and I

DESCRIPTION: Does anyone have the words to "My sister and I"? It is an old song. Do you have the record or name of anyone who does it?

Answer (from Carol):

My sister and I remember still
A tulip garden by an old Dutch mill,
And the home that was all our own until ...
But we don't talk about that.

My sister and I recall once more
The fishing schooners pulling into shore,
And the dog-cart we drove in days before ...
But we don't talk about that.

We're learning to forget the fear
That came from a troubled sky.
We're almost happy over here,
But sometimes we wake at night and cry.

My sister and I recall the day
We said goodbye, then we sailed away.
And we think of our friends that had to stay,
But we don't talk about that.

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WHAT: Boston Blackie?

DESCRIPTION: Who was the actor in a movie from way back called Boston Blackie?

Answer (from Judith):

There were at least 6 Boston Blackies in the silent era but Chester Morris was the first to play him as a speaking part and did many movies. I hope this has helped you.

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WHAT: Recipe for Hough Bakery Butter Kuchen

DESCRIPTION: Since Hough Bakery closed we have missed their butter kuchen. Does anyone have a recipe?

Answer (from Lucy):

There's a bakery in the Collinwood area called Archie's Lakeshore Bakery. He is a former baker for Hough Bakery. He has all the recipes.

You need to call them and order in advance. They still make the wonderful cakes, chocolate cupcakes with the cream filling, brownies. The phone number is 216-481-4188. The address is 14906 Lake Shore Boulevard.

Enjoy! I ordered the cupcakes and a cake and maybe they have other recipes too.

Answer (from Brian):

I found Hough Bakery items at Archie's Lakeshore Bakery on Cleveland's east side. The owner was a man-in-the-know at Hough.

The Plain Dealer did an article on them early last month. I'm going over tomorrow to hit him up for some old cookies.

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