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Get started with Quilting
by Cindy Sue Blair

The autograph or photo album is the holder of fond memories of our life and times. Another way to capture those same memories is a friendship quilt. The quilt becomes a textile record of those precious moments. Quilting clubs were particularly popular between 1840 and the Civil War.

As the pioneers moved across the country, many never returned to their place of birth or saw their relatives again. Quilts that were made of pieces of clothing and inscribed with sentimental verses were often the only reminders of family members.

In this age of technology and instant communications the need still arises for a concrete reminder of our loved ones. A phone call from grama is pleasant but a quilt hand stitched by grama is a daily reminder of her love.

Quilts may seem like a time-consuming project but there are many books available on small quilt projects as well as machine quilting. A quilt can also be a small decorative wall hanging. Your first quilt does not have to be a major project.

Quilting is a popular hobby with an extensive list of books written on the subject. Check out the selection at your local quilt shop. Stop in and look over the selections available. Books, materials and supplies vary. Looking over the material may give you an idea for your own quilt.

An idea I am contemplating is a quilt with old family photos. There is fabric that you can use in your printer to print out pictures you have scanned into your computer. Click for Print on Fabric products

Wouldn't a quilt with the name and photos of your ancestors be a wonderful wall hanging? Start your quilt today and you might be pleasantly surprised with your results.

Cindy Sue Blair is a nationally syndicated columnist. Read her blog and listen to her radio show at www.ExploreTheMidwest.com.
Cindy Sue Blair 2006

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