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J.B.Milano's Restaurant
at Richmond Heights Airport
Reviewed by our Secret Senior

J.B.Milano's Restaurant
at Richmond Heights Airport

355 Richmond Rd.
Richmond Hts.Ohio 44143
(216) 691-0534
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We have been to Milano's many times. This visit was in July for lunch.

Be sure to make reservations especially if you are with a group. It gets very crowded even at lunch time and people had to go the bar area for their meal.

Special Senior Tip: If there are 8 or 10 of you request the round table, it's nice for conversations. They have daily specials but the main menu is rather limited. The usual salads and sandwiches with about 8 or 10 meals. Most items start at $5.95 (salads and sandwiches with no extras) and go to around $10.95 (on the lunch menu)

I had scrod (usually on the menu and very good) which came with a choice of rice or mashed potatoes and a salad. They had a bread basket and, for the first time, complimentary soup if you ordered a meal. The soup was buffet style and you could go up and fill your own cup. Nice touch. This day I stayed with water and did not order a beverage.

The food was good, but the portions would not have satisfied the men I know. With the tip included my bill came to nine dollars. They passed a dessert tray with about 7 items on it. None of our group tried it but this is also something new.

At the lunch hour there are mostly older diners. However in the evening, people of all ages seemed to even things out.

Special Senior Tip 2: Parking is usually not a problem. We got there at 20 to 12 and the parking was good.

The waitress was very pleasant but frankly, I don't think they have enough of them. We were never asked if we wanted a beverage after the initial order and water was never replenished. I'm sure if we asked she would have accommodated us but she was so busy we hated to ask. I think a couple of people would have liked more coffee or wine.

Special Senior Tip 3: They will give separate checks but they add an automatic 18% gratuity on to the bill.

In the foyer there is a bowl and spoon with small dinner mints that have been there for years. A man took some out with his hand and someone said "this is the only restaurant that doesn't have wrapped candy, and how long has this huge bowl been there?" Good question!

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