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Some Golf Rules cleared up
by our Golf Pro

Q. What's the rule when your ball lands in a "ground under repair" area?

A. There are usually two options. One is to play the ball from that area.

The more common option is to take a drop at the nearest point of relief from the area. That relief must include your stance.

The tournament committee can make a rule that would not allow a player to play from the ground under repair area forcing a player to take relief from the area.

Q. I took my 2 sons with me as caddies to a match the other day. The course said I could only have one caddy. Is this really a rule? Why - what difference does it make?

A. It's true. Rule 6-4 states that a player may have only one caddie at any one time, under penalty of disqualification.

Q. Do I have to move my ball if I am in the way of another player? I think I shouldn't have to give them the advantage. They thought I was rude. What do you think?

A. Rule 22 states that any player may: a. Lift his ball if he considers that the ball might assist any other player or, b. Have any other ball lifted if he considers that the ball might interfere with his play or assist the play of any other player, but this may not be done while another ball is in motion.

In stroke play, a player required to lift his ball may play first rather than lift.

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