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Hand Placement
& Taking Turf
Golf Tips from our Pro

Q. I have been told that I have "over active hands" what in the world does that mean?

A. I would need to see you hit some golf balls.

I think what they mean is that you tend to try to square the club face up with your hands to early in the down swing instead of allowing your body rotation to do this.

Or maybe you can't keep your hands out of your pockets.

Q. How do I avoid tearing my rotator cuff on missed shots when the Club takes only turf?

A. Without seeing you swing or hit any shots, its difficult to pin point the problem.

There are a couple of things that could be causing this to happen. The easiest thing to check is the ball position.

If the ball is too far forward in your stance, you'll have a tendency to hit behind the ball.

The most common problem is to come into the ball with too steep a path.

What this means is that the path of your swing is shaped to much like a V, instead of having a U shape, or more of a sweeping motion.

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