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More Quick Golf Bits
From our Golf Pro

Q. Can you help me in curing an out to in swing? Thanks

A. That's a hard problem to fix. You are probably swinging with just your arms and not allowing your lower body to lead your downswing.

Q. How can I stop slicing the ball? I am about ready to give up the game. I just can't fix this. Thanks.

A. A slice can be caused by a number of things, but you're probably cutting across the ball. Don't give up the game - just keep practicing.

Q. What is the cause of a shank and how can I cure it? Thank you.

A. That's one of the great mysteries of life. You just have to work it out of your swing.

Q. My lower back has been hurting after golfing, which never happened before. Do you know what I might be doing to cause lower back pain?

A. You're probably using just your arms. Get your whole body involved in the swing.

Q. How fast should my swing be or doesn't it matter? I think I may be swinging too fast but my partner says the speed isn't an issue. If it is, how do you suggest I slow it down?

A. Don't try to hit the ball so hard. Try to keep your arm speed the same on your forward swing as your back swing.

Q. Do you think you can ever really be a good player if you don't start out till you're in your 50's? That's when I started and I just don't think I'm improving.

A. You can become a good player, but you probably need some instruction and practice.

Q. I was recently in a golf tournament called a "3 Club Scramble" Basically you could only bring 3 clubs with you and no one in your foursome could bring the same ones. What do you think are the most important 3 clubs? BTW - it was a really fun day.

A. Everyone has favorite clubs. I think that you need a club you can hit a fairly long distance, one you can hit shorter distance and chip with and one to putt with. Glad you had a good time.

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