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Quick Golf Bits
From our Golf Pro

Q. How would you rate Annika Sorenstam as a golfer. Can she compete with the men?

A. She'll be recognized as one of the best female golfers ever, but she can't compete with the players on the PGA Tour.

Q. Why do golfer's skills deteriorate so much with age. I can see Arnie or Nicklaus losing a little distance as they age but shouldn't the other skills be there? Jack is only 65!

A. As you get older you lose flexibility and some of your feel.

Q. What do you think of tennis shoes and non-traditional golf wear on the course?

A. If you can play in tennis shoes then do it, but most people can't.

Q. Why would anybody hit a 5 wood?

A. Because it's easier than hitting long irons.

Q. I cream the ball on the range and send dribblers when I actually play. Any advice?

A. Try to relax on the course. On the range there's no pressure.

Q.What is a typical gimme distance for a competitive but friendly round? Or is there no such thing? How about mulligans?

A. This is up to your group. What ever your group is comfortable giving is fine, since it is just a friendly game. But - No mulligans

Q. What is the general age for hitting from senior tees?

A. This depends on the course, but typically 60 - 65.

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