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Hit Down on Golf Ball, Divots & more Golf Answers and Advice

Q. How do you hit "down on the ball?"

A. There are a number of things required to hit down on the ball. I hope you're referring to iron play.

The position of the golf ball in regard to your stance is a factor. Your swing plane is another. The angle of the swing is another. There isn't any one way to hit down on the ball.

Q. I used to hit the ball pretty far, but I'm loosing about 20-30 yards each year. I'm now 58. Is this normal with aging? How do I compensate? Thanks very much.

A. You should lose some distance with age but not as much as you are. I would look into an exercises program that will help with regaining some strength as well as flexibility.

Q. My golfing partner takes huge divots - he asked me to watch and determine why. I have no idea. Do you?

A. He's probably coming into the ball too steep.

Q.Where should my right heel be at impact - flat on the ground or off the ground?

A. On the ground

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