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More Golf Answers and Advice

Q. What should be included in the pre-shot routine everybody is talking about? Is this a new concept?

A. A pre-shot routine is different for everyone. It includes whatever it is that makes you comfortable prior to starting your swing (waggles, regripping, etc.) This routine is done the same with every swing. No this is not a new concept.

Q. I'm trying to teach my wife to golf (OH MY GOD!!!!). Should her stance be different than mine?

A. That depends on what your stance is like. Her stance should be a little narrow in comparison to yours.

Q. I can shoot 86 one day and just squeak in under 100 the next. How do I get consistent?

A. How often do you practice? If you're not practicing you may want to start there. If you do practice and your still inconsistent, I would suggest considering lessons.

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