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Q. If it were possible to see on the club face directly after a shot where on the club face the contact with the ball was, would this help me improve my golf?

If I were on the driving range and after every shot I could see the point of contact on the club head it would surely help me get a better feel for the sweet spot or would it not?

A. Yes it would help. There is tape that you can apply to the club face that will show you where you're hitting the ball on the club face.

Q. I'm 55 and have lost distance. What would be the best set of irons to buy in seniors? I already hit the ball high with my Callaway X-12, with Uniflex shafts.

A. I can't suggest a particular set of irons to buy. What I would tell you is to go to a store that will allow you to try as many clubs as you can. I think you're on the right track with senior shafts.

Q. How can I adjust my center of gravity? I seem to topple to one side or the other.

A. I'd have to see you swing the club in order to correct your balance problem.

Q. Are you allowed to dig around a plugged ball?

A. No.

Q. I usually hit my 5 wood around 220 ft. I'm lucky to get 200 out of my driver. What am I doing wrong?

A. You're obviously more comfortable with your 5 wood. Try choking down on your driver to the length of your 5 wood.

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