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Golf Tips
Hitting short pitches or half shots
(Short Irons)
by your Golf Pro Tom Sloat

A common error I see with many players is to try and guide the ball to the intended target.

Usually, the golfer will try to hit the shot with just an arm swing. The players weight is trapped on their back leg, which causes the swing arc to either, be too steep or too shallow. Too often the result is either a bladed shot or a fat shot.

Even though you're only trying to hit the shot a short distance, the swing requires that you use your body.

It's important to make sure that you make a shoulder turn causing your weight to transfer to your back foot. Your forward or down swing begins with the weight shifting to the forward foot.

You need to be patient allowing time for your weight to shift forward and your hips to clear out of the way. The upper body to follow, keeping the club traveling on the intended swing path.

This will also help maintain a proper and consistent swing arc, resulting in shots with a consistent trajectory.

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Briardale Golf Pro Tom Sloat

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