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Serious Senior Sports

Are you serious about playing sports even though you're not a kid anymore? Then GeezerJock is for you.

GeezerJock Media was founded to provide serious coverage of the burgeoning world of Masters athletics, which includes a host of sports ranging from track and field to swimming and from basketball to baseball.


"Our magazine isn't covering shuffleboard; we're covering people who are still grabbing surfboards even though they're 60 or 70 or older," said Bill Ferguson, GeezerJock's VP-sales.

In an introductory column, Sean Callahan says, "One of the original geezerjocks was Satchel Paige - the former Negro League pitcher who did a stint in the majors at 59. He is said to have asked, "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you was?"

We admire the people who have answered that question like this: 'Young enough to keep doing what I love.'

We view GeezerJock as a platform to profile amateur athletes who inspire, to document the good and the bad of the Masters sports scene, and to provide training advice for athletes at any level."

As a visitor to ClevelandSeniors.com, you are invited to sign up for a free subscription (while supplies last) at geezerjock.com.

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