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Cleveland Browns Football Trivia Quiz

  1. When Bernie Kosar left the Browns in 1993 what player did the Browns get in return?
  2. There are three sets of brothers with one brother playing on the Browns and one playing for the Indians, though not necessarily at the same time. Who are they?
  3. Otto Graham played with the Browns as a QB under two numbers. One was number 14, which has been retired by the team. What was the other number?
  4. Who took over Don Cockroft's position as kicker after 12 years?
  5. Who followed Blanton Collier as the third head coach in the team's history?
  6. Who was the Browns' opponent in the first ever Monday Night Football game?
  7. Who was named starting Quarterback after Bernie Kosar left?
  8. Before the NFL the Browns played in what League?
  9. Name the former Browns coach who played for Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers Championship team?
  10. Who was the last player for the Browns to win the NFL Most Valuable Player Award?

Scroll down for answers. Answers:

  1. None - he was released without condition
  2. Karl Pagel played First Base for the Indians and Mike Pagel was QB for the Browns. Alex Johnson played Outfield for the Indians and Ron Johnson was a Running Back for the Browns. Pat Kelly was an Outfielder for the Indians and Leroy Kelly was a Running Back for the Browns.

    Thanks to reader Ray Clark for pointing out that in addition, Terry Kirby played running back for the Browns in 1999 and Wayne Kirby played outfield for the Indians from 1991-1996

  3. 60
  4. Free agent, David Jacobs
  5. Nick Scorich
  6. New York Jets
  7. Todd Philcox
  8. The All-American Football Conference
  9. Forrest Gregg
  10. Brian Sipe, 1980

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