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Remember these Words?

Are you having a hard time understanding today's slang? There was a time when people couldn't understand us too. Here's a sampling of the language of the 20's through the 50's.

Ankle Biter ---> Child

Antsville ---> Crowded place

Back seat bingo ---> necking in a car

Bee's Knees ---> Wonderful

Blinkers ---> Eyes

Blow ---> Leave (let's blow this pop stand)

Bone Box ---> Mouth

Bread basket ---> Stomach

Carry A Torch ---> Be hopelessly in love

Cats or alligators ---> jazz fans

Cheaters ---> Eyeglasses

Cooties ---> Imaginary bugs infesting the nerds

Croak ---> Die

Crocked ---> Drunk

Cruisin' for a Bruisin' ---> Asking for trouble

Dick ---> private investigator

Dogs ---> Feet

Face lace ---> Beard

Fast ---> Sexually active (especially a girl)

Flick ---> Movie

Fuzz ---> The police

Gams ---> Legs

Gin Mill ---> Tavern

Go Ape ---> Get really mad

Hootch ---> Bootleg liquor

Horn ---> The nose

JD ---> Juvenile Delinquent

Kisser ---> Lips

Kook ---> Non-conformist

Long Green ---> Money

Mint ---> Fine or great

Mustache ---> Brush

Nerd ---> Same as today

Nest ---> hair-do

No sweat ---> No problem

Nod ---> fall asleep

Nosebleed ---> used to call someone a name similar to stupid (Hey, Nosebleed!)

Nowhere ---> Opposite of cool

Nowhersville ---> Boring place (physical or mental location)

Oddball ---> Non-conformist

Off the line ---> Start of a drag race

Ossified ---> Drunk

Out to Lunch ---> Out of touch with reality

Pad ---> Home

Paper shaker ---> Cheerleader

Party-pooper ---> No fun

Passion Pit ---> Drive In Movie

Peepers ---> Glasses (Jeepers Creepers, Where's you get them peepers?)

Radioactive ---> Very popular

Rattle your cage ---> Get on one's nerves

Razz ---> Tease

Real gone ---> Deep in love

Reds ---> Communists

Rug rat ---> Child

Shuck ---> Lie to

Sing ---> To give information - especially to the police

Smog in the noggin' ---> Loss of memory

Spaz ---> uncoordinated person

Spiffy ---> Stylish

Split ---> Leave

Square ---> Conformist

Thick ---> Dense, unable to understand

Ticker ---> Heart

Tin Ear ---> Someone who didn't like music

Vamp ---> Woman who seduces men

Can you add to the list?
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