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Pat Feels Out of Step
Chat with Pat

I always seem to be out of step. Reminds me of the song "They were all out of step but Jim."

Click the white arrow to watch a video of that song from World War II.

Yesterday while lunching with a group of my friends I suddenly realized I'm on a different page than they are. Looking back it seems to have always been the case.

I skipped sixth grade and was always younger than my classmates.

I was married at 21 and that seemed to be the last time I did things like my peers. I had my last child when I was 27 years old; my friends were still having children into their early forties.

I stayed home while they were growing up and friends (most of them) worked at least part time.

Few of my friends are my age; some are older, some younger but few within a couple of years. This doesn't matter as I enjoy them all.

About fifteen years ago a lot of them were moving out farther into bigger homes, and most of them were moving into ranches. I talked about it but never made the move. Now finally I'm about ready and they are all downsizing, going into assisted living, or smaller homes with second homes down south.

They spend their time traveling, going on tours, visiting etc. I went back to work (if that's what you call this). People have invited me to travel with them or lay in the sun in Florida. It sounds terrible to me!

I enjoy being at the office; I enjoy writing and every thing that the office offers. I love the hustle and bustle of the business world. They think I'm crazy and I wonder if they are.

We got a 9-week-old black Lab in September who now at 5 months old weighs almost fifty pounds. He has knocked down the Christmas tree twice, and me once. Many of them have small table trees, and they wouldn't think of having a dog at this age.

I tell myself I love order and peace and really want to get organized and yet my life is full of chaos and clutter.

Maybe they are right. Maybe I belong in bizarro world. Bring it on! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Are you in the place you want to be in your life or just the proper place? Dare to live differently if that's what you want just make sure it's your choice.

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