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R-rated Superbowl Show
Chat with Pat

Sunday night I watched the Super Bowl. We tuned in about an hour before the game. I enjoyed the pre-game show, especially the recognition of our Astronauts and Armed Services.

The music was entertaining as was the introduction of the players. Our Star Spangled Banner was sung beautifully while the astronaut placed the flag on the moon.

Some of the players mouthing the words brought tears of pride to my eyes as I put my hand on my chest and sang along. I noticed others in the room with the same emotions. Glad the world was watching us.

The game was great, back and forth scores after a slow start.

The commercials were ok, some better than others. Certainly not of the caliber of the ones of past years. The old ones shown before the game made this year's crop look even more mediocre.

I was surprised that MTV was booked for the half time show. Doesn't the NFL know their audience? The people I saw dancing and prancing around the field, half clothed, grabbing their crotch and mouthing the words to obscene songs or bad poems are not the people I see at football games.

I wonder if any of them have ever attended a game. Do they watch them or even know the rules of the game? Are they aware of how the teams got there, (no I don't mean by plane or bus), but the hard work and discipline it took?

Why did the NFL book MTV? CBS does a lot of the shows that Hollywood puts on to congratulate themselves. Is this the audience they want?

The Madonna kiss with Britney Spears and now the exposed breast. We won't be watching the Grammy's. What these people lack in talent they try to cover up with shock value.

The filth coming over the television is not acceptable to most Americans.

It was said the exposed breast was an accident. Do they think we're stupid? Who decorates their breast if no one is going to see it?

Why isn't Janet Jackson suing if it was not planned? Is anyone going after Jason Timberlake? Isn't it illegal to tear off someone's clothes? Why isn't CBS or the NFL suing MTV? Come on. Get real!

I sincerely hope the FCC does more than give them a slap on the wrist. Every time our society is exposed to one of these "shocking" events, they become more "normal" and accepted.

We, as an entire society, are losing our class and dignity when these celebrities bring us down to their level of indecency - just so they can revive a sagging career or to make headlines.

I am glad that there has been a vocal backlash from the public. We don't have to put up with this! Get on your keyboard or better yet your pen and paper and let the media and Hollywood know how you feel.

American culture should not all be painted with the same tawdry brush that these "stars" choose for us.

I'm fed up, (bet you guessed it)! Hope you are too! Let me know.

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