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Ronald Reagan
Chat with Pat

I know we have all heard a lot about our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, this last week. He is to be greatly admired and revered, no matter your political party. I think I'd burst if I didn't add my two cents to recent events.

Ronald Reagan

I have always been very proud to be an American but lately I worry about our great country and all the crazy things going on here and around the world.

Memorial Day, the anniversary of Normandy, President Reagan's death and the events surrounding us these past weeks, made me swell with pride. I hope you watched too because if you did I'm sure your heart is full too. Nancy Reagan at age 82 showed us courage and poise. The sadness we saw in her eyes brought tears to ours.

Nancy Reagan

I commend Michael Gorbachev for attending the funeral. How historic to see him at the casket in the rotunda. Lech Walensa from Poland praying at the casket is a sight we won't forget.

God bless the English and especially Margaret Thatcher. Tony Blair has gone to bat so many times for us at the risk of his own career. Even the Prince attended, they are truly our friends and allies.

What's with Mexico? Is it true he sent his wife? And France was missing (but not missed). I hope the rest of Americans have as long a memory as I do.

All the beautiful songs we hear not often enough and watching our servicemen guard the casket was so awe inspiring. But what touched me the most was watching people file past the casket. Men, women, people in wheelchairs, children some in strollers. People in suits and some in shorts. The rich and famous and the rich at heart. People of all races (I guess because who noticed?).

Some saluting, some with hands to their heart, some making the sign of the cross or with bowed heads remembering him to God in their own way, some wiping away tears. Did you see the soldier with his hand missing salute the chief? Oh My God!

Ronald Reagan casket

I hope you heard the church bells ringing forty times? Were their as many flags on homes flying in your area as mine? I hope so!

If anyone anywhere has any false notions that America is divided let them see us when trouble hits - we're a family. We have our differences (what family doesn't?) but when push comes to shove…don't shove us. Sometimes we need to be reminded. But let the world see us when we need to pull together. Remember 911? How quickly some forget.

I'm sure there are some who had to bite their tongues because of personal politics etc. Most of them (not all) did so this week out of respect, and good for them.

We have to work at this great Country keeping it wonderful. Nothing comes easy. We are a work in progress. God was good to us but with blessings come responsibility. We have to help the world - even those who hate us.

It is not uncommon for people to be jealous or hate the big and powerful. But let's stop hitting on ourselves. Let the crazies do that. I wonder what the people who want to take God out of America felt this last week.

Let's picnic on the 4th of July but take time to celebrate the reason for the day. Yes there are forces in our country that would like to destroy us. However they can only do that if we allow it.

All evil needs to triumph are for the good to do nothing.

How did these events affect you?

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