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Falling for a A Younger Male - At My Age?
Chat with Pat

Here I am in my seventies doing the very thing that, only a few months ago, I would have strongly advised someone my age not to do. I am having a relationship with a much younger male.

As is often the case, it is a love/hate relationship. I feel I am getting the worse half of the deal. Maybe I should be writing to Dear Webby.

He is indeed much younger than I. I guess I was flattered by his affection and attracted to his young face.

My son and daughter agreed we should let him move in. It was the only way we could maintain the relationship. Friends and relatives advised us against it. We were all blind!

I go to the office every day. After my daughter fixes his breakfast, Hogan (what he likes to be called - he thinks he is Hulk) sleeps till noon then has lunch and wanders around going through my things and theirs (and not carefully).

He lies around and rests and when we come home he expects to be entertained. He is ready for his dinner. He is a sloppy, slow eater. He leaves his meal and wanders around the house and then comes back to finish. He drinks like a fish.

He loves to go for long walks and I think he is more interested in spending time with my son and daughter than with me.

He has no money of his own and lives off our generosity. I have bought him many gifts. You would think he'd be more grateful.

He appears to be healthy but every time you turn around he is going to the doctors for a shot or something (I think he is a hypochondriac.)

He has completely taken over the house and I feel like we are his servants. If we say something about it he gets hurt and cuddles up and I am putty in his hands.

Our lives are in turmoil and our home is a mess. We should have never taken him in but he has this charm and we know we will never be able to ask him to leave.

With all the attention I give him you would think he'd show some appreciation or loyalty but lately I have seen him flirting with the women next door. I'll show him; next week I shall have him fixed.

They say being with the younger generation keeps you young but it is wearing me out. Take my advice; go for an older male who can appreciate a good meal, who doesn't like to walk that far, and who is not so aggressive. One who will lie on the couch and watch TV in the evening with you. One who likes to go to bed early and sleep a little later and who will not knock you down when you come home at night as he jumps at you with eager and happy anticipation, and then lick you while you're on the ground.

Yes, a 14 week old black Labrador Retriever is a full time job even for the three of us. Oh but he is so cute - especially that face!


I will keep you up on our progress. They say a Lab remains a puppy for 2 years. I feel we almost have 1/6th over with. Any suggestions?

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Pat Hanson - Chat with Pat

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