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Candy - The Staff of Life
Chat with Pat

They say a "sweet tooth" is developed. I say you're born with it. What do you say?

For example, when a baby refused his water, a bit of sugar and it was gone….right? Harsh medicines are given a little sweet taste to make it pleasant. No less an expert than Mary Poppins said that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Rewards of dessert are given if you finish your vegetables. Did you ever hear if you eat your candy you can have a turnip? Have you ever seen anyone drool over an asparagus spear? I rest my case.

Lately the tests are showing the benefits in chocolate - "The God of Candies". Now I'm not saying candy is the cure for all that ails you, but when you're ailing it sure makes you feel a little better. Do you ever bring a box of broccoli to a sick person? Of course not. Even if the patient can't eat the candy they can always bribe a nurse with it.

I am not speaking as a dietitian or nutritionist, just as a person who likes and appreciates candy. I know several people who allow themselves a piece or two of candy after dinner and pass up the cake and pie. Many people have a piece, or better yet a bar, for a pick me up in the afternoon. My own mother never left the house without candy in her purse - for quick energy as well as for quick friends. I now follow her example.

And Gentlemen if you want to meet the Ladies at the Supermarket skip the yogurt and produce and go straight to the candy section where you will always find the "sweetest" ladies making their choices. Many are not young anymore but surprisingly chic and healthy looking.

You wouldn't think of having the gals over for cards and not have a bowl of candy on the table. Men love it too however they tend to be closet candy eaters. Have you ever seen a man buy a candy bar? They don't ask for it, but finish any that is left around. That is why so many people hide their stash.

Gentlemen, since ladies live longer, maybe you should have candy at your own card games. I know many of you carry some in your golf bag. Come out of the closet (everyone else seems to be). You'll live longer or at least enjoy the journey more.

See you at the candy counter.

Let me know are you a chocoholic or do you like the hard stuff?

Let's Chat,

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