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"Chat with Pat has to Vent!"

Here are some of your responses to the Chat with Pat column about the terrorist acts of this week

Michael from Cleveland Hts:
My brother was in the building and thanks be to God, he got out alive & is coming home to visit...Our family is so blest. He was also in the building in '93 when it was bombed. The world may be a mess, but Americans must & will stand together to show the world that it is our differences that make us the same, our respect for difference that makes us strong, and our differences that will show all that FREEDOM and the price our fellow country men & women have paid will not go un-justified....their lives will not have been lost without cause...they have brought us all together....

Couldn't agree more - this is the time to come together and remember what America is all about!

I can't stop watching the TV. The images look like they are from a movie. I can't imagine what those people must be going through.

Ashes. I saw a man today with ashes on his head... running, running where he did not know. Running from the tower that was tilting into dust running from the safety of the pleasant thought he was immune from war...running from the horrid thought that someone hated him or not him specifically, but him as Have-er, him as Take-er.

I saw a man today with ashes on his head...I saw a man tody with ashes of another man on his head, running, both of them, into a pillar of fire by day into a pillar of cloud by night,running, but never sure where it was safe to run to anymore.

Justice must be done. Retribution must be swift and sure.

The news about Pearl Harbor was tragic and nerve wracking but we didn't get to see it over and over on a TV screen. The radio had to suffice until we saw newsreels at the movies. This seems much closer to home.

Amen. God bless America.

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