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Best Location in the Nation

All my life I've heard people ask, "How can you live in Cleveland with all that snow?" People are always bashing Cleveland and its weather. What, am I missing something?

Some winters we miss a day, maybe two from work due to weather. We have the choice of shoveling or blowing the snow off our driveways, we can hire a person to plow it or get a couple of kids to shovel. We also have the choice of waiting a couple days and it melts. Big Deal!

In those winters when we do miss a couple of days it's a fun time for the children, the skiers and the adventuresome. Winter is a good time to cuddle up at the fireplace, read a book and drink hot cocoa. Do they drink cocoa or have a hot toddy in the South?

We are blessed with four seasons. There is no place like "up North" for the holidays especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even Santa comes from the north on his sleigh pulled by reindeer in his winter red and white furs (ok fake furs).

In spring I love the smell of new grass and daffodils coming up just in time for Easter and the change of clothes to lighter jackets and no boots. Gardener's (not me) plant their flowers and vegetables. Would we appreciate spring as much if we had grass and flowers all year? I wonder.

We change our clocks in Spring to give us more daylight and again in the Fall when we want to do our inside activities. Most television and events are geared to our time zones. Major speeches are at times convenient to us.

Have you noticed the television personalities dress for our seasons? Imagine wearing high boots and a sweater to work in hot humid weather. They must be very grateful for air conditioning. Clothing designers show their styles for our seasons. Who wants to wear the same stuff all year, year after year?

Summer brings boating, swimming and outdoor activities. Oh yes, we have Lake Erie here in Cleveland, but it doesn't bring the problems the oceans do. We have drinkable water, and ships docking.

In Fall we are ready to dress differently. We get excited about the fall activities, the changing of the leaves (we are the Forest City). Back to school, it must seem odd to go to school when it's summer all year. Going to a football game in warm weather wouldn't be the same. Our Labradors and other long-haired dogs are panting and waiting for cold weather.

We had some really hot weather this summer and it really made me appreciate our change of seasons.

It's been a terrible hurricane season again in the South and California is always geared for earthquakes and forest fires. Oh we do get an occasional tornado but so does the rest of the country. We have never had to evacuate or board up our windows. Our homes are not destroyed. Thank God.

Last time I was down south I saw bugs and creatures that I thought only existed in science fiction. Now I hear lizards are living in some sections of Florida. Big ones about seventy pounds!

I am not hitting on you people who suffer from these conditions. We all live where were we live by choice or circumstance.

But get off our backs! We like it here. I would never say, "You live in Florida! Ugh! How do you stand the heat and humidity?" to those of you who run away to get away from winter. Fine it's your choice but don't you really miss the stimulation and excitement the cold weather brings?

I am often asked "Why don't you go "down" south and lay on the beach for a couple months?" What and stagnate? I love the cold season and the invigoration that goes with it. I'll stay "up" here thank you.

Will I visit your coastal and warm weather states for a week or two? Absolutely! Would I live there? Absolutely not!

Will I hit on "how can you live there"? Absolutely not! Will I secretly feel a little sorry for you and what you're missing? Absolutely!

To each his own, and that's good because Cleveland is only so big. Cleveland really is the "Best location in the Nation" even though it's our top secret.

There, I let the cat out of the bag. And I don't have to worry about a lizard eating it!

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