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Pat Chats about Games When she was a Kid
Chat with Pat

Don't you think we played a lot more than the children of today?

I started thinking about some of the games we played as kids. Don't you think we played a lot more than the children of today? They seem to be playing video games, surfing the web and watching that darn TV. (But don't ask me to live without them, well maybe the video games)

In the summer we played hide and seek, cops and robbers and Mother may I. We played hop scotch and jumped rope. I never could do double-Dutch - not even turn it. What were some of the verses we chanted?

Marbles - oh, to get those clear ones. My cousin who lived on the next street was always so good that whenever she'd come over I'd loose all my marbles (don't say it!)

We'd do plays and dress up and sell tickets to the kids on the next street. The top of a milk carton was the price and if you didn't have one that was ok - just come and watch us. They always had better shows than us (no wonder I have no confidence) but ours lasted longer, way longer, till they walked out.

How about crack the whip and tag? Remember our mothers high heels and playing dress up? Or playing doctor, school and house? We all played with Barbie and paper dolls. Did you collect baseball cards? Still have any? Did you throw them against the wall and the closest won the card?

We bought the little soldiers at Kresges, next to the May Company, for 10 cents, some were even a quarter. My brother and I would take turns choosing our team and then hide them under the sofa and coffee tables and take over the others men. Can't remember exactly how we did it, do you?

Did you play dominoes, Chinese checkers, regular checkers and board games like Fernando the Bull (remember the bull with the delicate ego)? How about pick up sticks, Twister, Monopoly, Scrabble and jacks?

Did you have a playground near by? We did - right on our street and we made sand castles, played baseball and volleyball (no wonder my legs are tired and worn) and just hung out.

Your turn, reminisce with me, and maybe we should also talk about the present and predict the future. Read any good books lately?

Let's chat.

P.S. - Thanks to you readers with a better memory than me. On Mother's Day, a man would wear a white carnation if his mother had passed on and a red carnation if she was still living. Why couldn't I remember that?

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