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Time Out

Spring forward and Fall back. February has 29 days because it's leap year.

It makes me chuckle that today's man is deciding how long we want our daylight to last. We have agreed to disagree with one another as each area changes according to its own best interests; the farmers, the golfers and, oh yes, the children going to school.

If the rest of the world or the man in the moon doesn't like it, tough! It's their problem. When people travel they do as the natives do. No problem just change your watch. Presto you gained or lost an hour, 3 hours, a day or whatever. If only we could agree on other things as easily.

People are given certificates for passing the International Date Line. Some watches have two or more dials on them so we can adjust easier. I hope they remember to use the same time as the airport when they are traveling.

Man has rarely put his foot down so hard as with respect to daylight saving time. Don't mess with us Mother Nature, the Man in the Moon, or Mr. Sun - we want that extra hour of sunlight!

I assume the great mathematicians studied the moon and came up with the calendars and clocks. Yes I know I could Google it and find out but I'd rather complain.

I might have done some things differently. Like why did they decide to give February the extra day every fourth year? It is a miserable dull month - maybe that's why they made it the shortest to begin with. I would have put it in spring or fall.

Was there any opposition from any groups or countries? How rare, if not. If I did a math problem in school and every so often I had to adjust for a little left over the teachers would have given me a F. I wish the bank would work like this and every so often give me a little more to make their books work better.

If I were a leap year baby I'd celebrate on March 1st, on the 28th your not really not here yet.

Man in the moon

When I think about it, the moon must be the one in charge. I think that people came up with the seven day weeks and 12 month years. But I bet the man in the moon set the 24 hour days, 60 minute hours, and 60 second minutes. No wonder no one objected. How do you argue with the moon?

Time itself is fickle - it waits for no one. It doesn't seem fair that some people are given a few hours of life and some more than 100 years. Time is also unforgivable. For some, time drags. For others, it flies.

If you have a loved one in surgery, each second drags. If you're having a wonderful vacation it's over in the blink of an eye. I wish it was the other way around.

We used to have a dog that wanted his treats every evening at Nine pm. Not 3 minutes to 9, not 2 minutes after. We tried to trick him by turning off the television or changing our behavior but he always knew when it was exactly nine o'clock.

When the time changed he went right along with the new time. I think animals have a secret connection with the sun, moon, tides and other earthly powers. How else would they be able to predict strange weather happenings?

When it comes to treat time their senses tell them "humor the humans - they have the treats."

For me I'm hungry now and while the clock says it's only ten thirty in the morning, my stomach wants lunch!

Oh well, its noon somewhere. Bon appetite

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