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Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

Here is my wish list. I think I have been good, well at least not bad.

I do not need clothes, I can buy them myself. I do not need anymore appliances; I do not have any more room for them. I will even pass on the candy, yes, even the fudge.

I wish mostly for the gifts of energy, discipline and time. A better disposition would make a nice stocking stuffer if I haven't already asked for too much.

I do not envy people with more money or better looks but I think I was cheated on "time". Are not we all supposed to be given 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? When I hear the things other people do, I know I have been short changed.

For example, how does the president of the United States find time to exercise with his busy schedule and I can't find time for it?

How can some people clean the whole house in one day and I can't get my bedroom finished?

My daughter flew to Tennessee last week. Granted it was a short trip but she did it while I was just waking up, getting ready for work and having breakfast. Some people do so much in a day and when I try, I run out of time.

I once saw a movie on television where aliens came in during the night and plowed the land and did other work. When people woke up it was done. Do some people have aliens? Do they not need sleep and get up when they know I'm asleep and sneak around getting things done? I don't need the answer Santa I just want the "time".

As for "Discipline", I have all the good intentions. Every night before I crawl into bed and count the hours I have to revamp, I think of all the things I want to do tomorrow. But that tomorrow never comes. I write lists and lists of good intentions.

Tomorrow I will exercise, I will clean at least one drawer, I will eat properly, I will call my friend, I will not play games on the computer at the office. Somehow while all the people with that gift of "time" are busy my time, or lack of it, rushes by more quickly and all of the sudden it's time to go home, have dinner, watch a little television. Sometimes I doze while saying my prayers and never get the discipline to get out my list for the day. Which brings me to "energy".

I really think if you gave me the gift of "Energy" it would help out the discipline. I'm much better at sitting than standing. In the evening, I seem to have enough energy to make a hot cup of tea and watch television but not enough to clean that drawer. I can read but not dust.

Strange thing "Energy." I see some people who have too much and can't sit still and yet some of us never were given enough. Do you know that some evenings I do not have the energy to go upstairs and get ready for bed till midnight or later? I know a lot of people who drink coffee for energy but I'm afraid I'd get too much energy. I don't want to be greedy so if you would just give me enough.

As for my stocking stuffer you can skip the orange and candy cane, a little "better disposition" would help. I can get very crabby and angry especially when the lack of time, discipline and energy get to me.

I sometimes think a little more enthusiasm and better attitude would help but I don't want to ask for too much.

I will leave you your usual beer and pretzels on the end table by the tree.

Please be good to my children who have to deal with a mother who has been cheated on time, energy and discipline.


PS Let's Chat.

Santa Claus with bag of gifts

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