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Want to bet?
Pat Chats about the Gamblers
and Non-gamblers in her family

We are a family divided when it comes to gambling.

We are a gambling family. My family does not gamble. Both statements are true. Go figure!

When the casino opened here in Cleveland, I thought how my mother would have loved it. I remember when she had a breast removed from cancer and her biggest worry was whether she could still go to Vegas and pull the one armed bandits.

Our dining room table was always covered with the sports pages of the paper, football, basketball - you name it. I think there was a horse race somewhere every day.

And any change received from any purchases at the store was taken in lottery tickets. I know that my family would have loved all the sports channels that are now on TV. I'm not saying that the gambling family members were irresponsible - they knew what they could spend (and lose!) and we never went without.

They also loved to play cards. I remember card games around the table, on the blanket on the ground at a picnic, in our basement, wherever. I bet you gamblers out there bet your jelly beans on Easter too just like my family did. Come to think of it I think the gamblers had (have) more fun.

I remember my mother's excitement whenever she won on a lottery ticket. I would not spoil her fun by asking how much she had to play to win it.

My husband would remind me that you have to buy a ticket to win. I guess that's reasonable but I don't always want the raffle prize. After all, who needs another afghan?

Once my husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas. He loved to gamble, I didn't. He would give me a few rolls of coins and point me to the machines. The machines would quickly eat the money. He'd be shocked when he was just getting started at his table and there I was. "I'm back! Where is all that cheap shrimp I have heard about?"

He bought us tickets to go to a show. Thank God we were behind a pole because the women were topless! When we got back to the hotel (about eleven o'clock) I was happy to relax. He was ready to start gambling again. But that's another story. Just remember that gamblers and non-gamblers should NOT go to Las Vegas together.

Those were the days, my friends. I wish they would have never ended. I wish I could take my Mother to the new casino now. I could enjoy the buffet and she could play the slots and just push a button and not have to pull the arm.

I wish I could make those calls for my brother to find out who won the big game.

I wish I could call down to the basement and tell my husband it's 3 am and you have to work tomorrow breaking up (I wish) the card game.

Now back to my game of FreeCell on the computer. Nothing really happens whether I win or lose. How boring!

Yes indeed those were the days. What are your gambling memories?

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