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Where the Action is
by Amy Kenneley

"Does Grandpa love me?" I asked my mother a long time ago, as we walked to the grocery store.

"Of course he does, don't you know that?"

"Well, he never says it, so maybe he doesn't"

"Didn't he teach you to ride your bicycle, running beside you all the way and holding you up?"


"And doesn't he call you Partner when you both tighten screws on doorknobs and change light bulbs?

And doesn't he sing songs for you, and bake fresh bread after school for you, and share his Little Lulu comics with you?

I had to giggle at that. Grandpa and I both shared a passion for Little Lulu.

"Well then, what do you think?" "I think he does, but he doesn't say it."

"Well, actions speak louder than words," she said.

I walked along for a while saying nothing. I guessed that Grandpa was an ACTION person instead of a WORD person.

"I must be a WORD person, then, "I decided, "because I love words and books and poems"

"I think you are, too," she smiled at me and added, "and the nicest words people can say-- and often don't--is THANK YOU." I took the hint. I soon found a chance to say "Thank You" to him.

I was remembering this the other day, this ACTION and WORD thing. I guess none of us are either one or the other, but some people tend towards action, and others towards using words. Some of us can be marching for something we believe in, while others write about what they believe in. Which one has more importance? Sometimes one, sometimes the other, I suppose.

I love words because, used for good, they can inspire, challenge, encourage reflection.

Action people can make things happen with their presence, with their work or sacrifice. They stand up to be counted, and to be counted upon.

On this Memorial Day, I am remembering ACTION people who showed their love by what they sacrificed. Their actions DID speak louder than words, and I can only humbly say… THANK YOU.

When you see someone in uniform or someone wearing a service cap, remember to thank them!

And cook those hot dogs between rainshowers!

Best of Memorial Days, Amy Kenneley

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