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Poetry for the Potty
By David MacLennan
(The Bathroom Bard)

I have a confession to make. I don't think I have ever read an entire book of poetry - at least not since it was homework many (very many!) years ago. Until now.

Poetry for the Potty is a book you will want to read. It's not highbrow where you have to search for meaning and feel mentally inferior to the poet. Most of the 200 or so poems are on one page - about 4 4-line stanzas long. And they rhyme!

Sure much modern and "sophisticated" poems do not rhyme - or use punctuation or even capitalize letters. But these poems are for enjoyable reading - and the rhymes are a big part of the fun. As the author says:

These poems are for the bathroom shelf,
And quiet moments all alone,
When sitting down all by yourself,
And time at last's your very own.

Now in these moments to be read,
While sitting on your comfy can,
It's always best to think ahead,
And better still to have a plan.

So by the potty on the shelf,
This book's a must for all your homes,
For just in case to wipe yourself,
You'll always have this book of poems.

That's fairly typical of the length and meter of the poems. And there is often a humorous last line that you weren't quite expecting.

These poems are a lot of fun whether you keep the book by the potty or your bed or on the coffee table. When you have a spare minute and pick it up, you'll be rewarded with a clever rhyme.

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