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Dear Webby

Dear Webby,

Our Grandson is getting married next month and we have learned of the seating arrangements from our daughter. My wife and I are to be seated in the far back of the party room. I do not care, however, I know my wife is very disappointed as we have always been close to him.

We have entertained the young couple and she seems very pleasant. My wife does not want to make waves, but I feel she is being slighted. Should I say something?

Signed: Slighted in Strongsville

Dear Slighted,

Since the Bride's family is putting on the wedding, there may be little you can do, if they insist that others be up front in positions of honor.

You may want to mention to your daughter that her mother is saddened. After all she has a title in this event, she will probably be asked to pose for pictures and maybe even have a corsage. It would seem strange to the other guests if she was to be found near the kitchen or, worse yet, washroom.

My guess is that is was just a mistake, and a seating change may be possible. Am I correct that both of you are complying with proper attire and are not the type that will be loud, disorderly or do anything that might be disruptive at the party?

If indeed it causes bad feelings, let it go. It certainly is not worth strained feelings on this happy day.

Webby is touched and happy about your concern for your wife's feelings. Enjoy the special day and toast the happy couple for Webby be it alcohol or soda.


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