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Dear Webby
Loud Neighbor Kids

Dear Webby,

Summer is starting and the noise in our neighborhood is getting louder. My husband and I like to take a nap in the afternoon.

The children (home from school) in the neighborhood, especially next door, are very noisy and disturb our peace. I have talked with their mother and she is no help. She says they have a right to play and will not ask them to tone down the noise.

She says that it is my problem. I think she even encourages them to play there.

Frustrated by Noise

Dear Frustrated,

Webby is afraid she does not have the answers for which you are looking.

If the children are out playing before dawn or late in the evening perhaps your town has a noise ordinance or curfew. You do not say that they are vulgar or destructive to your property. If so, that is another matter.

Children must and should play. And play can get loud.

Their mother is probably happy they are out playing and in their own yard and not glued to the television or video games.

Did you have children? Perhaps you can take a different look at the situation. Were your children noisy? Where did they play? Where did you play?

Have you tried been friendly to them? Maybe you could make them some lemonade and cookies some day. Make them your friends not enemies.

You cannot bribe them to stop playing in their yard nor should you try, but changing your attitude, which you can control, can make your summer more pleasant.

If all else fails close your bedroom window and put on the air conditioner or a fan.

Webby is sorry you're frustrated and understands that we all have different needs at different times in our lives. It's too bad our neighbors aren't all in the same place as we are at the same time.

Webby hopes that by changing your attitude to one of cooperation and friendliness helps. After all, it's just too hot to be upset.


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