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Dear Webby
Husband and Beer

Dear Webby,

I am concerned about my 75-year-old husband. I think he is drinking too much beer.

He enjoys this hot weather and goes out and cuts the grass then relaxes with a cold beer. He walks the dog and you guessed it - has a beer.

In the evening he and a couple of our neighbors relax and have a couple beers. He does not get drunk or sick but I feel water would be better for him. He just laughs and does what he wants. What do you think?


Dear Concerned,

It sounds like your husband is having four beers a day. Although I'm not recommending it, if he is healthy and eating well perhaps he can handle it spread over the day like that.

Granted, beer is a diuretic and in this hot weather he needs water and other liquids too. Can you make a deal with him for every beer he consumes that he drinks an equal amount of water?

It sounds like he is a happy well-adjusted man who enjoys life and neighbors. Sometimes people who drink a lot eat light and miss the proper nutrition.

Is this a new habit with him? When he is not as hot or in the winter months does he drink as much? If his health is good and the amount doesn't increase Webby wouldn't worry, but if you do, have him check with his doctor.

And of course he knows not to get behind the wheel of a car after having more than a beer or so, right? That should be non-negotiable.

Webby also hopes that you often join him in the yard; if not for a beer, for pleasant conversation.

Bottoms Up!


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