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Dear Webby

Dear Webby,

It's that time of the year and my husband and I have the dilemma of his family or mine for the Holidays.

The children prefer to stay home or go to my parents house where it's more fun and less sophisticated. My husband feels it is our duty to take turns, even though the children and I do not like it or look forward to the Holiday.

Signed: Where to Go?

Dear Where to Go,

Have you ever considered having the Holidays at your home and inviting both families? If that is impossible, (assuming you live in the same town), some families make it a "On the Road" day - dinner with one and desert at the other home, (the first time draw straws as to which one is which).

How about Thanksgiving at one and Christmas at the other? Or stay home with your own immediate family and get together the weekend before with one family and the weekend after with the other.

Don't let the children think one family is more important than the other. You are lucky that both sides want to spend their holiday with you.

Maybe they would like to change the tradition. Perhaps it is too much work for them and they would prefer a quieter arrangement. Have you asked if they are happy with the arrangements?

Remember whatever you celebrate, it's a long season of Holy Days and Holidays.

I realize that the holidays - especially days like Christmas with gifts, Santa and special treats - are geared to children. But really isn't most of the year? Let them enjoy doing something that will make their grandparents and others happy for a short period during these holidays.

These will be the times they remember. Webby remembers hating to leave my new toys, but the visits I can still remember now, after the toys have been long forgotten.


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