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Dear Webby

Dear Webby,

What is with all of the out of town wedding invitations? I think most of these people would faint if we actually showed up. Do they just want a gift? On the other hand most are relatives, though often distant. What should I do?

Signed: Popular

Dear Popular,

There are many reasons for sending wedding invitations. Let's hope the first is that they would really enjoy having you there, they like you and feel close to you. Quite often even though they realize you probably can't attend, they want to announce their upcoming marriage to you.

The not so nice reasons could be that they would like a gift…shame, their parent made them do it or the person they are going to marry has a much larger list of guests and they want to feel popular also.

Let's assume the first reasons. If at all possible it might be fun to see many old friends and relatives again and renew old memories. Maybe you could work it into a small vacation if you're retired and can travel at odd times. Check the web for cheap fares.

They might surprise you. If you are right and they might "faint if you showed up" take a camera and send it to one of the funny video shows.

In all seriousness, take the positive attitude that they remembered you. If you would like to send a gift, do so, if not a card would be nice and definitely send the RSVP back.

Be happy that people remember you for what ever reason. Many lonely people would love an invitation, if only to know that someone remembers them.

Good luck,

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