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Dear Webby

Dear Webby,

I live alone and recently acquired a small wonderful dog. I have grown very attached to him. If I go out and leave him he whines all the time I am away and he doesn't touch his food or water. He's well behaved and lies at my feet when I take him places. The problem is my friends and family do not want me to bring him with me when I visit them. How can I convince them?

Signed: Puppy Love

Dear Puppy Love,

As you have discovered, there are "dog people" and then those others. They don't understand the attachment between dogs and their owners and Webby doubts that you will ever convince them. Webby thinks that it's their loss.

That being said, try to find out why they don't want your pooch around. Perhaps they are allergic to animals or maybe they are a little afraid of them. Some people are afraid they will have an accident, or do not want dog hair on their furniture.

They may also feel that the attention they attract takes away from the afternoon they have planned. We don't take children with us to certain events, and just as children must get used to being away from their parents for short periods so should your pet.

Are you sure he whines "all" the time you are away? Most dogs settle down and sleep, so they are refreshed when you get home and are then ready to play. If they are really hungry or thirsty they will eat and drink, however most prefer to wait till you walk in the door and then drink like they were dying of thirst just to make you feel guilty.

Enjoy your dog, enjoy your friends but do not attempt to make them enjoy each other. In some cases never the twain shall meet.

As for you and Fido, remember sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Good luck,

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