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New Years Eve 2003

I haven't gotten used to writing 2003 yet. It's just as well, 2004 is just around the corner.

I am finally just about out of the hand sanitizer and paper napkins I bought before the turn of the century. Remember how alert the media had us? Some people even built shelters under their homes. Flashlights and lanterns were hard to find.

We all stopped and filled the gas tank on New Years Eve. We filled our bathtubs with water. That is, everyone who did not expect the world to end at the stroke of midnight. In their opinion what was the point?

The whole year before, the television and newspapers were listing the top hundred events, songs, people etc.

Then at midnight we all acted like nothing ever happened. It was 2000 and no need to think of the past (I expected the whole year would be memories of the previous century). Pull out the stopper in the tub. Over and Done! Let's get on with it.

Nowhere was it mentioned about the stockpiles and fears. NEVER HAPPENED - WHAT STOCKPILES? Y2K bug? What was that?

And now as we go into the year 2004 that seems like only yesterday. Is this a sign of my age?

Do you make resolutions? Every year I take out my notebook and cross out the last years date and put the new one on it.

It saves time and the resolutions are almost always the same, with few exceptions…. lose weight, exercise, cook a new dish each week, be nicer, get organized, finish your Christmas shopping in October, etc. You know the drill. Now put the darn notebook away till next year.

But believe me, this year will be different! Oh yeah!

Then there are traditions. We are not superstitious, however a New Years dinner of pork and sauerkraut is not only tradition but also necessary for good luck for the coming year.

I remember the year everyone ate nine (or was it twelve?) grapes on New Years Eve. This was supposed to be lucky! The next year was a real bummer and that was the end of the grape fiasco. The midnight drink, kiss and Auld Lang are a nice tradition, as is watching the ball drop on Times Square.

Some of you have written asking for a clever toast at midnight. I checked around and the best I've found are right here on our site.

I'm not sure where or when I learned it but my favorite has always been:

Here's to beefsteak when you're hungry
Whiskey when you're dry
All the boys(girls) you'd ever want
and Heaven when you die.

Whether you're at a large party, a small gathering of friends or staying home alone, do toast the New Year be it with champagne, beer, coffee or cocoa. The drink doesn't matter. What matters is that we've made it through another year and are ready to take on the new.

Here are a few others I haven't heard before. If you have any ones you'd like to share (not just for New Years) please send them. I will be happy to pass them on, as long as they are clean and don't take shots at anyone, well most anyone

Here's to eternity - May we speed it in as good company as this night finds us

Here's to our friends and the strength to put up with them

May all the rocks in our fields turn to gold.

May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience and enough in your pocket to buy a drink

May the roof above us never fall in and may we friends gathered below it never fall out.

Here's to a bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old. Here's to what's yet to come And the memories that we hold.

And my wish for each and every one of you: more happiness than all my words can tell, not just for New Years Eve but for all the year as well.

May God smile on us, protect our troops and may God Bless America…….Cheers!

Happy New Year and Let's Chat

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