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by Amy Kenneley

Almost home, they watched
the dark universe
outside the porthole
be pushed to the edge
as the blue and green
of the globe of earth
shimmered through the clouds.

Almost home, they saw
the continents come
closer into view,
the mountain ranges,
the gulfs and bays.

Almost home, they knew
a welcome waited-
cheer of friends, soft bed.
Almost home, they sensed
in one brief heartbeat
the ship they trusted
that had taken them
beyond their dreaming,
was sudden failing.

Almost home, we watched
the silver comet
speed across a sky
of Bluebonnet blue,
shedding as it sped
the better part of
all its earthly tie.

Almost home, He watched
their spirits hover,
reckoning the way-
and then He beckoned-
they were almost Home.

The Columbia Crew

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