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Who's in Charge???
by Amy Kenneley

Everyone wants to be in charge at one time or another. I know I did. One summer during school vacation Mom said to me, "Now I'm counting on you. You're in charge."

Wow. As the door closed behind her, I realized that the only person in the apartment was me. I was in charge of me. What's the fun of being in charge unless you can boss somebody around?

My apprenticeship days started in school, when the teacher put me "in charge" of something: passing out papers as desk monitor, putting dust covers on school globes and bookcases before summer vacation. Still, it was just taking care of things.

But then came junior and senior high, when I actually was put in charge of others. The gym teacher goes to get equipment and put me in charge of lining the girls up for some activity." Hey, Hey, everyone. I'm in charge," I said as they all wandered away.

And then there was marriage. Mike and I thought we had it all figured out….yeah.

Once we settled that battle of who would be in charge (10 years, I think) we must have decided that we both would be in charge…of caring for one another.

And then there were children. When was bedtime, who ate what, who hit who first, who felt sick, who was feigning sickness, who to scold, who to comfort. Boy, being in charge was really wearing me down! And one day, two and 1/2 kids into our marriage I put my very pregnant foot down---I wanted to be in charge of the car! I wanted to drive! And I got my wish.

After that, the rattle-trap second car became mine--- to ferry kids to music lessons, altar boy practice, martial arts, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts. So, choose carefully what you want to be in charge of, is all I can say.

As years passed, I became the person in charge of many things. Some I did well. Other things not so much. Being in charge isn't all it's cracked up to be. For one thing, you'd better be ready to take the blame if things go wrong on your watch.

The height of my managerial skills was the day I reported for work at the library, only to find that both manager and assistant manager were other places for other reasons, and the next person in charge would be the circulation manager, but she was off that day. Apparently, the oldest serving employee is the default person for the time being. And that would be me.

Smiling benignly, I asked for my crown and scepter, but was greeted with the usual laughter saved for those who would rise above their station in the library hierarchy. Before even a paper crown by the children's librarian could be made for me, I was dethroned by the appearance of the assistant manager. My in charge time had been about 12 minutes. Oh well.

Time has passed, and now I find I am in charge of nothing.

Not even the cat. She knows who's boss around here, and it ain't me.

So you might think I am just in charge of me. But you'd be wrong.

I can't say if it's wisdom or humility or just being older, but I am content to let HIM be in charge now.

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