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Let's Roll - or Not
by Amy Kenneley

Here it is, eleven years after that fateful day, when America and the world watched in horror as terror infected our national consciousness --probably forever.

Since that time, billions have been spent on war, preparedness, national security, and other costs related to that day.

Countless hours of suffering have been endured by untold numbers as a direct result of that day. Mental anguish, loss, injury, "what ifs" and sorrow---who can put a price on the people who have been and continue to be affected by this terrible event?

And yet today, we as a nation and as political animals have probably spent millions on this coming election, from big business , individual givers, groups, media coverage-- right down to the hot dogs and chips passed out at a neighborhood rally.

Wouldn't it be nice if some of that money-say, $5 million of it-could be used to cover the remaining cost of a memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania? That's what is the balance to complete a thoughtful and beautiful memorial to 40 people who showed us what bravery is.

The Pentagon's memorial has been completed. The New York memorial continues to draw criticism and controversy, yet will be completed.

Yet the Shanksville memorial still lacks that little Five Million to finish. Yes, little. When billions are thrown around like buzz-words at high-level conferences and big name events, what is $5 million divided among 40 heroes?

The National Park Service, in charge of construction, states that the entrance tower, consisting of 40 large wind chimes is the final piece needed to complete the visitor's entrance. Already almost 2 million people have come to pay their respects at the final resting place of Americans who were on the wrong plane on the wrong day, and yet whose actions probably saved hundreds of other lives.

We may never know everything, but shouldn't we help finish the job? Shouldn't we finish that beautiful memorial chime tower, the last piece of the Flight 93 National Memorial?

Too often we think our small efforts won't make a difference…."Let (insert name here) do it" and how easy it is to pass the buck to someone else. Forty people on Flight 93 didn't have that option.

We have an opportunity to do something…so Let's Roll.

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