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by Amy Kenneley


Lots of hoopla out there now that LeBron is coming back. Lots of happy folks. I'm not a basketball fan. Watching my kids and grandsons play was my thing.

But now it is time to say "sorry" to LeBron. I chastised you a few years ago. Not for leaving Cleveland for what you considered better chances, but for the frenzy that folks seemed to be having over your decision. There is another world beyond sports, you know.

But you were young. Perhaps too young to realize how quickly your talent and fame would erupt into near worship. That was why there was so much a sense of betrayal when you left. As though you had "outgrown" us.

But maybe being away from home was a good learning experience for you. Maybe you found that family was more important than you had imagined. It seems to have made you appreciate things that are more important than the glitter and glam of stardom.

Having you back will make Northeast Ohio fans very happy. It will generate interest and excitement---maybe add some money to our economy. Most of all, though, it will make your family happy--- your immediate ones and those extended ones who feel you are part of theirs.

I think you will find that being called "Daddy" and "Husband" mean more to you than those who call you "King."

So, click those big basketball shoes together, Mr. James, and repeat after me: There's No Place Like Home…There's No Place Like Home.

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