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Jack Marschall
Favorite Male News Anchor 2003

Important Update: see below

WUAB anchor Jack Marschall with is award

WUAB anchor Jack Marschall with his award

In a very heavy turnout in the Favorite Male Anchor in Cleveland vote, Jack Marschall of WUAB was the favorite of ClevelandSeniors.com voters.

Congratulations Jack!

Jack Marscall and Debbie Hanson

Debbie Hanson of ClevelandSeniors.Com
gives Jack Marschall his award


As you may know, Jack Marschall now works on the morning show on WEWS Channel 5.

ClevelandSeniors.com voters were a remarkable judge of character as Jack Marschall has recently done a selfless, amazing act.

When Jack's brother-in-law needed a kidney, Jack was tested to see if he was a match. He was not. Jack's daughter was tested and was found to be a match and she donated a kidney to her uncle.

Jack could have breathed a sigh of relief and taken credit for the good deed he did in getting tested. But Jack Marschall did more. He decided to undergo the operation and donate one of his kidneys to a perfect stranger!

On September 11, 2007 Jack did just that. He is now recovering and will be on the air in a few weeks. His selfless act will let another human being live. What a great guy!

You are an example for us all Jack!

Jack Marschall is blogging his activities and thoughts and you can read them here.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Jack. We can't wait to see you back on the air.

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